Dibuka pendaftaran Homeschooling untuk siswa baru

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Sinergia Worldwide Education is an organization which emphasizes quality education, provides various services for the people of Indonesia has global competence. Sinergia provides education supports for formal/informal students, teacher and people who love education with the academic and ethical foundation necessary to excel in school and in life. Our schools programs focus sharply on an early acquisition of fundamental skills in the core subjects of English, Math, Science and Social studies, beside have strong character and leadership.
Open a New Registration for New Students and Transfer, for :
1. Independent School (3 x a week ) (IGCSE/O/A Level)
2. Homeschooling (International Curriculum Supported)
3. Learning Support (Weekend)
Preparation for university entarance in Indonesia with International curriculum (UI, UGM, ITB)
Study aboard
A Level, O Level, IGCSE preparation exam
Independent school International and National Curiculum
Homeschooling with International and National Curiculum
SAT preparation exam
Homestay Abroad
a. Programming Synergistically
b. Independent School : Visit to Center
c. Homeschooling : Tutorial to Home
d. Distance Learning
e. Practical & Experiment
f. Community
g. Extracurricular
h. Flexible Time & More Qualified
For more information, please visit our center:

Jalan Pattimura Ruko Plasa Segi 8
(Depan SCTV) A -853
Phone: 0317340210 / 082132935585 / 081238969845
Email :sinergia.hrdsby@gmail.com
Website : www.sinergiaeducation.com

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